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Close Protection Courchevel 1850
private security courchevel

Protecting Globally-Significant Clientele

2002 - 2024 protecting Courchevel's VIP community

Private Security Experts see the World through trained-eyes. Our role is to ensure that you do not collide with the negative elements that we see around you"


Ultimately, it's our responsibility to create & maintain a calm, safe, private & well-organised environment around our client - so they can really RELAX & enjoy life! "



When the World suffers economical stress, the level of crime & hostility towards the wealthy increases. Although Courchevel is a relatively safe place, it does pose additional concerns for High-Net-Worth & At-Risk clientele.


Courchevel 1850 is famous for hosting the Worlds Elite... and anyone wishing to target you with hostile intentions can simply drive into the resort.


Wealthy travellers should consider applying higher levels of personal security to address the current political & economic unrest - and avoid negative elements that could compromise your safety & privacy. , private security courchevel, close protection courchevel, security prive courchevel, bodyguard service courchevel,  ,  courchevel close protection, courchevel private security, courchevel chalet security, courchevel close protection company, courchevel chauffeur, courchevel car service,

Courchevel Private Security | Executive Protection | Courchevel Bodyguard

Diplomat Protection Group engage in the highest level of executive protection - not normally associated with the private sector. With more than 25 years operating Internationally at this level, our private clients benefit from the superior skill-sets of our team members.



  • We adopt a 'Tier-1' approach - identifying & recruiting the finest high-risk security operatives from credible backgrounds - and training them for unique environments like Courchevel. By constantly monitoring the calibre of our group members, we have been able to maintain a perfect track record for 25 years.




  • One of our senior members served as an instructor for the UK's Special Forces - training specialized units of the Special Air Service - preparing operators for specific roles including Close Protection (VIP Bodyguard) and other high risk security operations. As the most experienced member of DPG, his responsibilities include training standards and team selection that represents the level of service our clients require.




  • We provide a standard & style of service unique to our company. This is impossible to duplicate without exceptional experience in this area of the Luxury Travel Industry - and our clients continue to comment on their positive experience with our team members.


  • Senior staff from superior backgrounds
  • In depth knowledge of Courchevel security risks
  • Charming, relaxed & confident staff
  • Superior operational experience in Courchevel
  • Happy to assist visiting security teams
  • Premium fleet of vehicles for clients
  • Professional security drivers
  • Multilingual with English 1st language
  • 20yrs experience in Courchevel with VIP clients


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