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Client Testimonials Reviews Diplomat Protection Group

"A legitimate Private Security team in Courchevel" After asking for advice we were recommended to the Diplomat Protection Group via the President of Monte Negros' people. Verified via security clearance - they are exactly who they claim to be. The security operatives at DPG are highly regarded by State Offices around the World and they are now one of our official security assets for our Consulate in Spain.


Personal Aide to Sultan ########

Dear xxxx.       Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of us (again!) this summer. You have a wonderful way of making everything fall into place so effortlessly and dealing with every situation professionally and with great charm. Our many guests have spoken so highly of your service and we are very pleased that we have you. 13 weeks have passed so quickly and we already look forward to next summer.

with love,


Ultra High Profile Family

13 weeks @ Mediterranean family residence

Comprehensive weekly itineraries with varying group size.

Ultra High Profile guests every week.

Close Protection Teams / Luxury Transportation / Entertainment Bookings.

Brilliant team, from conception to execution, always dependable, eye for detail, very good at reading situations before they become a problem.
Hope to work with you for many more years!!

Luke E.

Handler of UHNW Banking Clients.

The Diplomat Protection Group have been taking care of my family for the past 12 years. My wife & children are really comfortable with their bodyguards and would not want any other security team working with them when they travel. I highly recommend this private seurity company for any family that needs to have a professional security team.

Maksim #####

Russian Oligarch Family

I have lived in Ibiza for more almost 30 years and over this time I've seen so many different people offering Security & Bodyguards to the rich & famous who visit our wonderful island. I have many many VIP friends who visit - people with a strong need for highly professional security teams who really understand 'Ibiza issues' and I never hesitate to put them in contact with the DPG team. In my opinion - they are the only Bodyguards worthy of my recommendation... they allow me to relax knowing my friends and associates are in the best care when it comes to looking after genuine VIP's. This company has set the standard and I regularly see other 'Ibiza Bodyguards' failing to provide a standard of care that equals DPG.

R.T.   Ibiza Resident since 1991

"xxxx, you were absolutely great today! I want you to know I really appreciate what you've done for me... thank you so much"

C.D. A-List Hollywood Actress.

Beach Photoshoot. Paparazzi Intrusions.

"You two guys have been amazing all week - I've never seen Bodyguards work so diversely... it's been so much fun watching you work.  My private life has always been so difficult to manage away from the Media - you guys have given us a week of privacy, freedom and relaxation.

D.H. A-List Hollywood Actress & Fiance.

6 days vacation in the Mediterranean. Paparazzi Invasion.

Extensive evasion & decoys.

Dear xxxx,  S.D. was so happy with the way you looked after him in xxxx, he has asked if you will take care of him in St Tropez next year?

S.D  Hollywood Actor

Lots of female attension

"Your loyalty is a quality I appreciate very much. Thank you for your service again this week"

Sergey xxxxxxxx

Russian Oligarch - Shipping Tycoon.

10 days vacation in the Mediterranean.

Group of 10 clients.

Close Protection Team, SUV's, Chauffeurs & Concierge.

"Every port that we visited was perfectly organised. It is true what you promised - a contacts list better than mine"

Miroslav xxxxxx

Russian Oligarch & 8 guests.

9 weeks Mediterranean Mega-Yacht cruise.

Maritime Security Team, Land-Based Advance Security Team & fleet of Porsche Cayennes.

Laying anchor at ports in Marbella, Barcelona, Majorca, Antibes, St Tropez, Monaco & Sardinia.

"Thank you for organizising our Courchevel vacation. The chalet & staff were perfect. Your Security teams are always very impressive!  XXXXX (his son) is looking forward to snow boarding with 'his Bodyguard' again next year. See you all in the summer again.

Thank you xxxxx.

Miroslav xxxxxx Russian Oligarch & family.

2 weeks Courchevel 1850 Ski vacation.

Chalet, Chef, Domestic staff,

5 CPO's, 3 Security Chauffeurs & 3 Luxury SUV's.

Inner London is now three times wealthier than the rest of Europe, according to the European Union's statistics office. The wealth of the City has almost doubled in the past decade. Rich expatriates want highly trained - vetted Security, butlers and household staff to create the true atmosphere of an English stately home, according to DPG, which finds Security and Greycoat staff for extremely wealthy families.

Caroline Binham

Bloomberg News Corporation.

Client Testimonials Reviews Diplomat Protection Group